Our Response To Coronavirus - Updated 18th March

As you would expect, Cambrette is closely monitoring Government of Jersey’s advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and is taking appropriate measures to ensure that we follow that advice. We have attended meetings and are receiving regular updates from Health and Social Services, and everyone is making a concerted effort to work together to reduce the effects of COVID19 within the Island.

We have already put in place a service contingency plan, which includes:

·       Educating all staff on COVID19.

·       Introducing new team members to support our regular carers in the event that they are unable to attend due to ill health or isolation.

·       Ensuring stringent infection control is followed.

In addition, we are recommending that our clients take the following steps to protect themselves in their own homes:

1. Wash your own hands frequently and ask all visitors to do the same.  Do not worry if you do not have hand sanitiser - soap and water will kill the virus.

2. Keep all hard surfaces as clean as possible and wash down more frequently than you would normally, especially high touchpoints such as door handles, light switches, phones, remote controls etc.

3. Unless you have a role in running island services, if you are over 65 you should stay at home and limit unnecessary contact with anyone outside of your household.  

4. Contact Jersey’s Coronavirus Helpline on 01534 445566 if you develop a cough, difficulty breathing or a fever. Please then also contact us on 01534 633083 to let us know, as you would if you were ill at any other time.

In addition we will now be placing the posters (found at the links below) at our client's homes, depending on whether they are social distancing or self-isolating. Please feel free to print and use them at your own home if you feel they may be of use.

Social Distancing Home Poster
Self-Isolating Home Poster

We will provide further updates if and when this advice changes.